Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Motivational Poster

The requirements you need for your Motivational Poster is that you need four pages with three symbolic pictures and a portrait of yourself. You will also need two text layers one of your manifesto and one of your personal quotes. The design requirements and all text should be kerned to fit the entire page with no blank spaces. You will also need triadic color scheme and you have to know about blending options witch follows with adjustment layers for images witch is or has color balance, curves, levels or exposures.

First, I had to kern my manifesto and personal quotes then put them together on one layer and start to kern them so there is no spaces in between or holes to fill. Before that I had to write my manifesto and personal quotes on by Google doc on my Google drive because photo shop does not have spelling corrections. After you are done with kerning you start triadic color scheme and find a color then you go to layers color options color balance and pick another color. Finally, you can work on saving it by doing command shift save if you don't have command then you use control instead.

In conclusion my hardest task in this project was kerning to make no holes or blank spaces in my quotes/manifesto I think I could improve in this project in my personal opinion is if I had a lot more computer skills to understand how photo shop worked.

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