Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Comedy Writing

It is important because without humor how would you make people laugh. It's comedy writing without a humor you can't call yourself a comedian if you can't make some one laugh. It also describes the person or character's personality in there self.

Five tips for writing a humorous narrative is, one you should maybe add some sarcastic or attitude in your narrative comedy story, for my second tip you should maybe put some personal traits from you and put it in the character or maybe make the character just exactly like you. My next tip may be to
test a joke on at least five people to check that it is funny and makes sense. Fourthly you should
try to describe the scene and let the person get a visual of what your talking about. The last thing I'm going to tell you is to make sense if you don't make sense.

My comedic monologue is funny to me and other people because, you first understand my joke. Secondly I think it's funny cause I rephrase two things or two questions then at the end it comes to a different question and different answer.

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