Monday, November 30, 2015

Invention Commercial

Hi people, I will be talking about my teams main goals for our project ( we had to film a commercial for our invention). My teams Invention was called Forget Me Not. Our main goal was to make a commercial that caught the person's attention.Another goal we had was to help people to understand what our project did, how it worked,and to make it seem like the

This paragraph is about our best "team moment". I think our best team moment was when we were filming because we were all included in this commercial. We had so much fun with the filming because when we made a mistake sometimes we thought it was funny.

During our editing we all helped out. Some times we were arguing about it. Tierra moved the scripts around and made it so it looked good.Hailee talked about the plan and where to
organize it. Then I did the some of the  transitions.

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