Friday, November 6, 2015

Composition Scavenger Hunt

   Hi people, I am going to talk about composition techniques. I think the most important composition technique ( a way of taking pictures ) is flat angle because flat  angle is pictures that are  shot from a distance directly in front of the subject. Usually they have a solid background or wall. I think this compistion technique is the most important because I see it shots alot. Also because

I think that the most difficult composition techniques is leading lines. Some people make mistakes when it comes to leading lines. The mistakes they make is they just go to lines and take the shot but that is not exactly the wa to do it, you have to see were the lines lead your eyes to then put your subject were the line lead to.

My teammates are very helpful. Hailee was the 
person that edited the video and typed anything
hat needed typing. Tiara was the person who helped
thinking about the subjects we should take a picture 
of for our composition.

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