Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

Hey, I'm back we all know that 2016 is a new year so... it's time for new GOALS! I myself have to set goals and I'm gonna share 5 with you guys. My first goal is to get really good grades because I guess I get good grades but I don't get straight A's. Secondly I want to be better at being a steersman in a canoe club I paddle in. The third thing I just though up is to be a nicer person to people and not be a negative person. I would also love to get good news all throughout the year for example I would like to get a letter saying I got into Kamehameha because that would get great news or maybe a letter from my dad on Oahu   (he doesn't have a phone). Last but not least I hope that me and my mom can spend more time together than usually do.

The most important goal for me is the letter from Kamehameha saying I got in. I want to go to Kamehameha because I want to achieve things in life and I think that going to this school will help that dream. I also think that going to Kamehameha will give me a new start in life. This may be my most important goal but it does not mean it's my favorite. My favorite goal is trying to spend more time with my mom.

The steps I will take to accomplish that goal is to first study more!!! Second is to do all of my homework for EVERY class ( which is like 6 classes!!! ). Third is for me to be the very best. Next is for me to listen more in class. LastlyI want to get 100% on all of my tests. 

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