Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style joiners

Sup everyone!!! I will be talking about David Hockney's photomontages and my photomontages.
( photomontages are multiple pictures taken of a subject and put together ). This style of photography was made by David Hockney. My photomontages are small compared to some of David Hockney's photomontages, it probably took a lot of work cause he didn't have the technology we have today. So my photomontages were created with upgraded technology. For those reasons I put in my other sentences our ( David Hockney and my self ) photomontages are different in some ways.
( Alexander on sundays )

I think that photos can definitely show positive and some negative messages or feelings. Like if some took a picture of the worlds pollution and where all the garbage is stored that can make me feel ashamed of the trash we make. We can also send a positive message, like a photo of a cute newborn baby can show love.

My photo repersents something important in my life. I picked a computer because without computers I would not be able to make games or write in this blog. the computer also represents technology in my eyes, and many people depend on technology in their lifes

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