Friday, February 12, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

 Hello guys!!!!! In this post I'll be talking about composite images. In my GT class we are making polar and spherical panos. If your doing doing this you have to take at least 10 composite pictures. let's think this in't one pick enough?!? Well if you have one picture you will have to get the whole place which wouldn't look so good...

Do you know what a Polar or spherical panos is? Well..... a polar panos is multiple pictures taken of a landscape manipulated to look like a planet like image. A spherical panorama is multiple pictures taken to make a content that forms a surface or inside like world. So you know what they are now, but what makes them different? Well a polar panos is like you looking from outer space to see a planet. A spherical pano is like you looking through a globe and seeing a world surrounding you.

Now I'm trying to make my worlds convincing, but how!!! When you are done doing all those steps like: image, image rotation, rotate bleh bleh bleh bleh you will see a line in the middle of your world and making it non realistic. To make it look REAL you should blend the sky colors together until it looks well... like a sky. Then you blend the land together and make it look like a normal land. if it looks weird and the sky does not look good, maybe rotate it to the side so the focus isn't on the blended sky and land

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