Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

The finale project is over!!!!! Our project was a music video.... I know right, it's amazing to do this kind of project, and I just LOVE songs and music. Well... I kind of ran into trouble with my other team ( Hailee and Tierra, song:work from home ), cause of an arrangement we made that didn't quite work out. So I'm with a new team, and since I'm with a new team I had to delete all of the work I did in this post and make new paragraphs. That was such a weird day... It's fine though, now to talk about the project. For the plan, the new team I have is doing the song Thriller by Michael Jackson.

The story is manly about a girl who is out in the forest. When it was getting close to midnight zombies started to come out of no where. Yes, that is almost like the same thing as the real music video, but there is bits of it that are unique. So anyway later on they are changing the main character ( Kaile ) into a zombie, so then when she turns into a zombie, she starts to dance and other stuff and then it ends. It's pretty good when you think of the lyrics, cause when the lyrics say something she is actually doing it. Like when it says you try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it, she's trying to scream and then a hand comes up and stops here from screaming.

My favorite fast-edit montage sequence was probably the part where it shows Alexis’s eye staring at the camera the it changes to Katie then to Alexis again. I like it because it has a good shot type and it's very..... eye catching. It's later in the video so keep watching if you want to see it because in my opinion it's really funny. Yet the sad thing about it is that it's very fast. like it shows it but only for about 5 seconds. That scene is in the forest and in a area that is open. It is for the part in the song that sings: you start to freexe as horror looks you right between the eyes.... your paralyzed.

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