Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

     Hi like you should know by now my class had a class project to create a humorous video,
I have learned mostly about responsibility to sign out a camera do your b-roll by a deadline then returning the camera by the next day and some other responsibilities we had as a class. I have also learned about B-roll (extra footage). Doing a video is hard work with clips because there are so many it's hard to manage, luckily our teacher has taught us to be organized. By being organized you are moving clips to profiles or maybe pictures ect....! I have one last thing to share about what I have learned in this experience it is mistakes if you make mistakes it might be hard to learn because we usually learn from our mistakes I made many mistakes and hope to not make the same mistakes again.

       Padding is a part in a video or scenes that they take out because it takes up to much time in your video. Padding is crucial because if you take up to much time in your video then well it's to long,to escape from your video being to long you take it out. In movies it's usually called deleted scenes.
Another way to describe padding is that it is an part of a scene you really don't need in your movie or video. You may also think why padding might be important it's important because it makes a movie longer when you need it to be long or a certain time length.

   I think I could improve my project by shooting better clips for B-roll. I think my joke was funny but
when i put my video or monolouge in it's not that funny. I think i did a great job in shooting B-roll and i did'nt have dark spots the main problem was maybe the volume, it was soft at first then LOUD.
For my project i got a three totally wrong i thought i was getting a two. I think i was graded a three because i had over thirty seconds of B-roll which was required. I also think i should have gotten a two but i'm glad for my good grade.

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